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EPEE: The Original Dueling Weapon

The "epee" is the modern derivative of the original dueling weapon, the rapier.  Epee is the most popular weapon in fencing throughout the world although it is common for fencing masters to require students to learn foil first.  Epees are the heaviest of all three weapons.  Target area is the entire body, front and back.  Whomever hits his opponent first scores a point and if both fencers hit at the same time, both fencers score.

The Popularity of Modern Epee:

Epee is an event played all over the world.  Its popularity lies in the fact that players can hit their opponents anywhere on the body to score as long as he/she hits first!  Fencers can only hit with the point.  They will not score with the length of the blade.  Historically, rapiers were point weapons as well.  Epee fencers must hit their opponents with at least 750 grams of pressure in order for the electronic sensors to count the touch!

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