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Fencing Equipment

Equipment is provided for you at Utah Valley Sport Fencing! 

We have protective masks, jackets and gloves in all sizes.  We also provide foils and sabres (competitive swords) for our beginning fencing students.

However, we do encourage all of our
students to purchase at least 1 personal electric competition foil, to allow your participation on our regulation scoring systems.

These systems allow the students to know with pinpoint accuracy when and where they are hitting or being hit!  Individuals interested in purchasing a Complete Beginners Set for $450 may discover that owning your own equipment often enhances performance due to consistancy, comfort and custom fit.

Remember: If you buy it,  you are the only one that sweats in it!

Your equipment should fit you well and be comfortable.  Please call us to order your equipment @ (801)765-1603.  We will insure that your equipment is the right size, good quality, properly functioning, and the best product for the price.  Don't get stuck with purchases that are made of substandard materials or aren't even legal in competition!  Especially if you are new to fencing, it pays to have a little bit of good advice!

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