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Lords of the Sword

Congratulations to Chris Mansfield, Lord of the Sword 2006!

And special thanks to all who contributed to the silent auction, this was our most succesful fundraising year!


What is "Lords of the Sword"?

Every October, Utah Valley Sport Fencing is proud to host its annual costume and halloween party which showcases our famous "Lords of the Sword" Challenge.

Here are the rules:

  1. Each contestant will fight a "one hit wins" duel (using modern epee swords and scoring equipment).  The contestant who hits first, wins the duel.  If both contestants hit at the same time, both "die".
  2. The entire body is valid target area.
  3. Contestants may purchase up to 3 lives so that if they die early in the competition, they may be "resurrected" for another duel and thus not totally eliminated.
  4. The last person left with one or more lives is crowned the Lord of the Sword.
  5. Contestants may fight in their costumes as long as they are constructed of a robust material as determined by the organizers.
  6. Contestants must conduct themselves in a manner that is deemed by the organizers as safe for the spectators.
  7. Contestants must fight with a USFA competition regulation epee and bodycord which they may supply themselves or will be provided by the organizers.

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