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What is "RIGHT OF WAY"?

"Right of Way"  is the method by which we determine who scores the point in the case that both fencers hit.

Because modern fencing has eliminated the fear of physical harm or death, often both fencers will hit no matter what threat is presented.  In those situations, the referee will decide who will score based on who made the most logical, tactical choice.  We say that the fencer who made the best choice had "right of way".

3 easy to remember guidelines (in determining who has "right of way")

  1. The 1st foward, assertive attempt to hit is the ATTACK and has right of way.
  2. The Last parry (block with the blade) has right of way.
  3. If both fencers ATTACK at the same time, no one has right of way, and no point is awarded.

Of course, this may still not help you to completely enjoy watching a fencing match.  The best way to understand is to give it a try!


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